How to save money with a cabinet panel cooler

Cabinet panel coolers are a cost effective solution for managing the temperature of your electrical cabinets and control panels. Not only will they save you money in the long run, they are also exceptionally easy to install and maintain making them this year’s must have accessory.

As we move into ever increasing technological time’s designers are tasked with finding new ways to keep electronic control panels cool. Previous solutions have been expensive, slow to react and bulky making them incompatible with today’s streamlined society cabinet panel cooler.

Cabinet panel coolers are different in that are much smaller and easier to install meaning that you don’t need a degree in engineering to get your cooling system working. It is essentially a compact air conditioning unit and can be installed in minutes and has these other great features;

  • Quiet – no more loud noises!
  • No moving parts means less maintenance issues and lower repair costs
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Fitted by standard knockout – no special requirement needed
  • Effectively stabilised humidity quickly

Sizes vary depending on your requirements and so you should be able to find a unit to fit your needs easily.

Without an effective cooling unit the electrics in your control cabinet are liable to overheat causing the machine to eventually breakdown. It’s not always as simple as giving the unit time to cool down before turning it back on – you may well find that integral components have suffered irreparable heat damage making the unit beyond repair. This will result in down time that you don’t need and additional unforeseen expenses to replace the unit.

Some people still try to save money by using normal domestic fans to cool their control panels but this is entirely insufficient. For one thing the unit will not actually be cooled to a suitable temperature and so you are using electricity to power a fan that is not having any effect on your heating problem, but most importantly it presents an unacceptable health and safety risk to nearby personnel which is almost guaranteed to fail a safety inspection and can damage your control panel due to the dust and dirty that is blown onto the unit.

Likewise heat exchangers, another popular choice, similarly do not cool the control panel sufficiently and air cooler panels have even more limitations, such as;

  • Long installation times (this can take almost one day out of your busy week)
  • They are prone to leaks
  • The life cycle is a tiny 3 years
  • The large amount of condensation it produces can lead to damp issues arising. Usually a floor drain is essential to remove extra fluid.
  • They are expensive

It’s time to leave the inferior patches behind and step into the future with cabinet panel coolers, the ultimate solution to electronic temperature management.

Install something that will do a much more effective job, keeping your unit in tip top condition and allowing it to do its job with minimal interruptions then look back and wonder why you didn’t make the investment years ago!